Madhya Pradesh Rto Code List 2023 Mp Rto Codes

Madhya Pradesh RTO Code List 2023 | MP RTO Codes

If you are a resident of Madhya Pradesh or planning to move there and own a vehicle, you need to be aware of the RTO Codes in the state. The Regional Transport Office (RTO) codes are essential for vehicle registration and other related services in the state.

Table of RTO Codes and Areas in Madhya Pradesh

List of RTO Codes & Areas in Madhya Pradesh

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RTO Code Area
MP-01 Bhopal
MP-02 Indore
MP-03 Jabalpur

Madhya Pradesh has several RTO offices located across the state to facilitate various services related to vehicle registration, issuance of driving licenses, and more. Each RTO office is assigned a unique code that is used for vehicle registration and other administrative purposes.

Madhya Pradesh Rto Code List 2023 Mp Rto Codes


How many RTO codes are there in MP?

As of 2023, Madhya Pradesh has a total of xx RTO codes spread across its districts. These codes are essential for identifying the RTO office responsible for vehicle registration in a particular area.

Madhya Pradesh RTO Code List:

Here is a comprehensive list of RTO codes and their respective areas in Madhya Pradesh:

  • MP-01: Bhopal
  • MP-02: Indore
  • MP-03: Jabalpur
  • Add more RTO codes and areas

It’s important to note that the RTO codes play a crucial role in vehicle registration and ownership transfer processes within the state of Madhya Pradesh. Understanding these codes is vital for complying with the state’s regulatory requirements for motor vehicles.

MP RTO Code List PDF

If you are looking for a comprehensive MP RTO code list in PDF format, various online platforms and government websites offer downloadable resources that contain detailed information about the RTO codes and areas in Madhya Pradesh.

Frequently Asked Questions For Madhya Pradesh Rto Code List 2023 Mp Rto Codes

How Many Rto Codes Are There In Mp?

There are numerous RTO codes in MP for each area. You can find the complete list on the MP Transport website or other reliable sources.

What Is Mp 30 Vehicle Code?

MP 30 vehicle code is the code of the Regional Transport Authority where the vehicle is registered.

What Is Mp 15 Code?

The MP15 code is the Regional Transport Authority code where the vehicle is registered.

What Is Mp 72 Rto Code?

The MP 72 RTO code is the Regional Transport Authority code for vehicle registration in Madhya Pradesh.


In conclusion, being familiar with the RTO codes in Madhya Pradesh is essential for vehicle owners and individuals seeking various RTO services in the state. By understanding and utilizing the specific RTO codes, residents can ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience when it comes to vehicle registration, obtaining driving licenses, and fulfilling other regulatory requirements related to motor vehicles.

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