Tamil Nadu Rto Code List 2023 Tn Rto Code

Tamil Nadu RTO Code List 2023 | TN RTO Code

When it comes to vehicle registration in India, Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) play a crucial role in the process. Each state has its own set of RTO codes that are used for vehicle registration and identification. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the RTO code list for Tamil Nadu in 2023 and understand its significance.

Understanding RTO Codes

RTO codes are alphanumeric symbols assigned to different regions within a state. These codes are displayed on vehicle number plates and are used to identify where the vehicle is registered. In the case of Tamil Nadu, each district and city has its own unique RTO code.

The Importance of RTO Codes

RTO codes serve several important purposes, including:

  • Identification of the registered location of a vehicle
  • Enforcement of traffic rules and regulations
  • Recording vehicle-related data for administrative purposes
Tamil Nadu Rto Code List 2023 Tn Rto Code

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Tamil Nadu RTO Code List 2023

Here is a comprehensive list of RTO codes for various districts and cities in Tamil Nadu:

Add more districts and RTO codes as needed
District/City RTO Code
Chennai TN-01
Vellore TN-23
Tindivanam TN-16

How to Find RTO Details

If you are looking to find specific details about a vehicle registered in Tamil Nadu, you can use the RTO code to trace its origin. Various online platforms and official websites offer RTO code lookup services where you can enter the registration number and retrieve information about the vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Tamil Nadu Rto Code List 2023 Tn Rto Code

What Is The Rto Code For Tn 23?

The RTO code for TN 23 is Vellore. You can find more details on the RTO code list for Tamil Nadu.

What Is The Rto Code Of Tamil Nadu?

The RTO code for Tamil Nadu is TN. For different cities, unique codes are assigned.

Which Number Plate Starts With Tn?

The number plate starting with TN indicates vehicles registered in the Tamil Nadu state.

What Is Tn 16 Rto Code?

The TN 16 RTO code refers to the Regional Transport Office code for the Tindivanam city in Tamil Nadu. This code is used for vehicle registration and identification purposes in the state.


Understanding RTO codes is essential for vehicle owners and enthusiasts. It not only helps in identifying the origin of a vehicle but also ensures compliance with regional regulations. We hope this guide has provided valuable insights into the Tamil Nadu RTO code list for 2023.

For more detailed information and specific queries, it is always recommended to reach out to the official Tamil Nadu Transport Department or related authorities.

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