Punjab Rto Code List 2023 Pb Rto Codes

Punjab RTO Code List 2023 | PB RTO Codes | Vehicle Registration

Introduction to Punjab RTO Codes for Vehicle Registration

If you own a vehicle in Punjab, it’s essential to be familiar with the Regional Transport Office (RTO) codes for vehicle registration. These codes play a crucial role in identifying the origin of a vehicle and are used during the registration process. As of 2023, here is the updated list of Punjab RTO codes for your reference.

List of Punjab RTO Codes

Below is the comprehensive list of Punjab RTO codes along with their respective districts and office locations:

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RTO Code District Office Location
PB11 Kapurthala Ludhiana
PB12 Patiala Ropar

Punjab Rto Code Format

The RTO code in Punjab typically consists of the state code “PB” followed by a numerical sequence assigned to each district. For example, PB11 represents the RTO code for Kapurthala district.

Punjab Rto Code List 2023 Pb Rto Codes


How to Determine Vehicle Details Using the RTO Code

Once you have the RTO code of Punjab corresponding to your vehicle’s registration, you can easily determine the ownership and other details. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit the official website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.
  2. Access the mParivahan portal or Vahan Sewa services portal.
  3. In the “Online Services” section, select the “Know Your Vehicle Details” option.
  4. Enter the RTO code and the vehicle registration number to retrieve the details.

Additional Resources for Punjab RTO Codes

In addition to the official government portals, several online platforms provide access to Punjab RTO codes and vehicle registration details. You can use websites such as PolicyBazaar, Coverfox, and RenewBuy to search for RTO codes and contact information based on your vehicle number.

Search For Rto Codes

If you are unable to find the RTO code for a specific district in Punjab, you can utilize the “PUNJAB RTO Code Search” feature available on various websites. This tool allows you to enter the district name or other relevant details to retrieve the corresponding RTO code.

Frequently Asked Questions On Punjab Rto Code List 2023 Pb Rto Codes

What Is The Rto Code Of Punjab?

The RTO code of Punjab is PB. You can find it on vehicle registration documents.

How Can I Find My Car Details In Punjab?

To find your car details in Punjab, visit the official Ministry of Road Transport website. Access the mParivahan or Vahan sewa portal and select “Know Your Vehicle Details” from the “Online Services” section. Enter your vehicle number to check ownership details.

Which Code Is Pb 29 In Punjab?

PB 29 is the code for the regional transport office in the state of Punjab.

What Is The Code Pb01 In Punjab?

The code PB01 in Punjab refers to a specific region for vehicle registration. You can find it useful when registering vehicles in Punjab.


Having access to the Punjab RTO code list is valuable for vehicle owners, prospective buyers, and individuals involved in the transportation industry. By utilizing these codes, you can ensure compliance with the necessary registration processes and verify the authenticity of vehicle details.

Stay updated with the latest RTO codes and vehicle registration information to streamline your interactions with the Regional Transport Office in Punjab.

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