Nagaland Rto Code List Nl Rto Code

Nagaland RTO Code List – NL RTO Code

When it comes to vehicle registration, every state in India has its unique RTO (Regional Transport Office) codes. In this guide, we will be focusing on the RTO codes for the state of Nagaland, India. Whether you are a resident of Nagaland or planning to register a vehicle in the state, understanding the RTO codes is essential. Let’s delve into the details of Nagaland RTO codes and their significance.

Nagaland Rto Code List Nl Rto Code


What is the Meaning of NL in RTO?

Before we explore the specific RTO codes, it’s crucial to understand the meaning of “NL” in RTO. NL is the official registration state code assigned to Nagaland by the Central Government of India. This code is used for the registration of motor vehicles in the state.

RTO Codes of Nagaland

Each RTO in Nagaland is assigned a unique code for vehicle registration. Below is a list of RTO codes for different districts in Nagaland:

District RTO Code
Kohima NL-01
Mokokchung NL-02
D.T.O. Tuensang NL-03
D.T.O. Mon NL-04

It’s important to note that these codes are crucial for vehicle registration and are used in various official documents and communications related to motor vehicles in Nagaland.

Obtaining NOC in Nagaland

If you are looking to obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) for vehicle registration in Nagaland, you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways’ portal.
  2. Select and click on “Apply online” for NOC application.

Following these steps will help you navigate the process of obtaining NOC for vehicle registration in Nagaland.

Understanding RTO Codes for Vehicle Registration

RTO codes play a significant role in identifying the origin of a registered vehicle. They are crucial for distinguishing vehicles from different states and are integral for taxation and law enforcement purposes. Therefore, when registering a vehicle in Nagaland or dealing with any vehicle-related documentation in the state, understanding the RTO codes is essential for a smooth process.


In conclusion, the RTO codes for Nagaland, represented by the state code “NL,” are vital for vehicle registration and other related processes. Being familiar with these codes can simplify the process of vehicle registration and ensure compliance with the regulations set forth by the Regional Transport Office.

Frequently Asked Questions For Nagaland Rto Code List Nl Rto Code

What Is The Meaning Of Nl In Rto?

NL in RTO refers to the registration state code of Nagaland. Each registering authority is allocated a unique NL code for vehicle registration.

What Is Nl State Code?

NL is the registration state code for Nagaland, India. It is used to identify vehicles registered in the state.

Which State Has Code Nl?

The state with code NL is Nagaland for vehicle registration.

Which Indian State Has Nl Number Plate?

Nagaland is the Indian state with NL number plates for vehicles.

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